toniwo gives readers a look at different women and their relationships. The stories are sad, but a true representation of women who devalue themselves for the love they perceive to have for a man.

- Cashana Seals, The RAWSISTAZ Reviewers


Discordia Caught in Rapture is a refreshingly innovative book.

- Radiah Hubbert, Urban Reviews


What I thought was a ratched book about how to be a sidepiece turned into a lesson on how to own your truth and strive for something better. The book was gifted to me as I began to venture back into the dating world after being cheated on. I sorta thought this was a cruel way of my friends making me face what happened to me by attempting to understand the other woman involved. Instead, I found a funny, insightful, informative and quick read.

-Laverne Bandalino, Good Reads 

I absolutely love this book! Its insightful, funny, well thought out and full of some interesting information. The author uses lots of satire to put the information out. She gives definitions and really researched the topics of the other woman. The author's message was very clear, be responsible and if you are going to be a "sidepiece," make it worth your while.


- Kyle Jones, Good reads


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