The SidePiece Handbook offers advice on the many creative and resourceful ways to be the best other woman, mistress, paramour, trick, concubine, hooch, whore, or loose woman with no morals or soul that choses a lover who is otherwise taken, also known as the Cheater.  Since the dawn of history, women have searched for the answer to the most fundamental of questions:

“Why does the SidePiece exist?”

The search is over. With the help of The SidePiece Handbook, you’ll be able to enjoy the microwavable taste of sloppy seconds in the most glamorous, seductive and completely ruthless way.   You’ll gain a better understanding of what a sidepiece is, what type of sidepiece you are or can aspire to be, and how to improve on current sidepiece skills.   Developed by the biased, unscientific opinion of a former sidepiece (it was by accident, truly by accident, I swear!).   You are guaranteed to turn your current sidepiece state (known as a situation-ship) into one you can TRULY be ashamed of.  

If you are committed to putting up with sloppy seconds, content with timesharing an insignificant other or just lacking the ambition and/or self-esteem in finding a man of your OWN, then The SidePiece Handbook is definitely for you.


Discordia,the Roman goddess of discord and strife, haunts battlefields and delights in human bloodshed. Discordia lives in Rapture Comeaux, a woman who is one breakup from a nervous breakdown. When Richard enters her life, she believes her one true love has finally come. But through deceptive practices & contempt against her heart, Rapture finds out that no man can be redeemed of his sins, except through death.Her wrath is relentless and bitterness for those men who have wronged her in the past grows into monstrous proportions. She walks the earth much like the goddess of strive, with her head striking the heavens amongst the onslaught, as her mere presence makes men's pain heavier.Who will stop her? Only one person knows the connection between the slayings, but will it be told? Rapture is no longer the rational, strong Black womanShe once was, she is now Discordia, a Black Female Serial Killer.


Read them!  You will love them!

THAT'S WHAT YOU GET FOR RUNNING WITH SCISSORS are absolutely, truly fabricated distortions of choices women can make in relationships with other people (PARTICULARLY MEN). At times, WE, the People (WOMEN), in order to form a more perfect union of love, create the idea of what WE (WOMEN) want because of the potential WE (WOMEN) think we see. In fact, the whole purpose of this book is to make you laugh at how truly fabulous our (WOMEN) imaginations can go. I mean really, do WE (WOMEN) think that WE (WOMEN) can change people? The only thing WE (WOMEN) can change is our underwear and some people (NASTY WOMEN) don't like doing that. WE (WOMEN) adapt to situations but it does not change who WE (WOMEN) really are.The women in each story are people that can be recognized. Either you are one of the women or you know someone like one of the women. These women are NOT, I repeat, NOT VICTIMS. They are just people who are not totally in touch with reality due to temporary insanity caused by some outside entity that creates the illusion of love. There is no MALE BASHING in this book. All the men in the book presented themselves with honesty. They give each woman an opportunity to make mindful choices about how totally jacked up they are. ( was that a male bash? NO!)Driven by lust and control, each woman forgets the advice given by our mothers and grandmothers that you CAN really get hurt by running with scissors. Applied to real life situations and see the warning signs. And if you still decide to run with scissors, well, then that's what you get!


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