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As an infidelity analyst and frequent commentator on Sidepiece matters, toniwo's  research, experience and participation in Sidepiece situationships over the past several years has given her a unique, humorous yet insightful view on matters of two-timing.


The brassy, sassy author of That’s What You Get For Running With Scissors and Discordia has always written about complex relationship issues but refuses to allow the cheating culprits to play the victim. Because of her outspoken examination, she has cultivated a mass following, all willing to share their stories and experiences of love lost or gained.  Her crazy, sexy, cool approach guarantees controversial debate wherever she goes. 

toniwo understands the power of the written word and has been able to convey her personality through it. toniwo independently published her books, achieving commercial success with her writing featured in several national publications, including Honey Magazine, Essence, Black & Single, InStyle Magazine, Houston Press, Today’s Black Woman as well as appeared as a guest on many television and radio shows, as well as The Tyra Banks Show.


Her most recent release, The Sidepiece Handbook has been meet with an overwhelming response due to toniwo’s distinctive, authentic writing style and judgmental opinions, making her a very sought after commentator when related to the SidePiece problem worldwide.  She delivers a fun, satirical approach not seen or heard when it comes to the subject of cheating. Not allowing the SidePiece to act as victims, but make aware the consequence of the action that has not been addressed by other infidelity analysts. 


Taking her expertise to another level, toniwo is a certified life coach focusing on affair partners.  She assists in identifying the goals of those wanting to remove themselves from affairs and develop an actionable plan to achieve those goals in order to find a love of their own. toniwo's approach, experience, enthusiastic support, objective perspective and insight has assisted many in personal healing and forgiveness for partcipating in the affair.

Be sure the check out The Sidepiece Letters on YouTube's The toniwo Project channel, as she delivers strong,  commentary on anonymous confessionals of infidelity.


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