In order for me to win, I have to be creative.  Not be creative in finding ways to win, but by using my gift to write. I am a storyteller.  I don't always write what is popular.  I use humor to make you think.  What I say always has a deeper meaning and if you don't get it...well that's on you."  


I am toniwo and I write my ending, therefore I win!



I AM toniwo.

INFIDELITY ANALYST |  LIFE COACH                                                                             AUTHOR | LECTURER | COMMENTATOR

As an infidelity analyst and frequent commentator on Sidepiece matters, my research, experience and participation in SidePiece situationships over the past several years has given me a unique, humorous yet insightful view on matters of two-timing.


I give compassionate views and advice on sidepiece matters with the candid style of a good friend.

If you have an issue that you would like The toniwo Project to consider for discussion on YouTube's "The Sidepiece Letters", please submit below.  Your letter may range from being the other woman, other man, the cheater, cheatee, victim of a sidepiece situation or victor over a sidepiece situation, dating and any other topics as it will assist in navigating polyamorous relationships. Your name and info will remain anonymous.

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